The Indian Guru
The Indian Guru

I am Ordinary, just like You, but I share my Thoughts, and that amuses Me.

[Disclaimer : All thoughts mentioned on this website are Personal. Thoughts and Ideas mentioned are not intended to hurt any person, religion, brand or nation. I sincerely apologise if my points made you feel upset, disappointed or angry. ]

A curiousity of knowing the unknown has gripped me and it is making me restless. I try to learn more about what I think, and it lands me in a wonderland about how things work. In the journey, I am learning new experiences, new things and new ideas. Some may be logical, some magical, but I feel nice when I share it. The more complicated the experience the more opportunity for learning, thats what my mind thinks.. and I cannot stop the process. I am not a Saint, a Priest or a Yogi, and I am not here to contest on that too. I am here to share what my mind thinks and I hope it can help someone in a positive way someday.
{ domain was bought by me couple of years back as it sounded very interesting, so I thought I could use it for this experiment of my mind..}

Explore below, my Thoughts, my Experiences, Feelings & Ideas!